We design

industrial buildings

We stand behind a number of demanding and functional industrial buildings, thanks to which Noving is a Slovak brand of quality. We create functional designs with an emphasis on efficiency, safety and innovation.


We provide customer support and a wide range of design and engineering services. We provide 3D laser scanning, vectorization, preparation of all types of project documentation and construction coordination.

Preliminary studies and as built
As a first step in project preparation, we will provide a preparatory study and as built documentation regarding financial and technical requirements.
Conceptual Engineering (CE)
In a concept, we propose a possible solution in one or more alternatives, along with an estimate of the cost and time required to implement the project.
Basic Engineering (BE)
We cover the selection of the right technology and equipment to find a functional and affordable solution, while refining the cost estimate.
Authorization documentation
We will provide you with all the necessary permit documentation, from the zoning decision, building permit to the approval decision.
Tender documentation
We will prepare detailed documentation for the selection of the construction contractor, on the basis of which the individual applicants will prepare their bids.
Construction and post-construction documentation
We will prepare complete construction and post-construction documentation as a basis for the successful implementation of the construction and its subsequent approval.
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Our customers

We are a model in the quality of our work and in our individual approach to each customer. We have won the trust of many multinational companies.

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Start your career

Do you want to work on interesting projects and become an expert in your profession? Our project work is based on the cooperation of teams from various professions. Join us, gain experience and build your career. We are a reliable employer that is not afraid to appreciate and reward its employees.

We follow our company values
We cooperate and help each other
We share our experience
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About us

Only thanks to cooperation, cohesion and collegiality have we built a company with an international reputation. We respect our company culture and each and every member of our team.

All age groups are represented in the team, from innovative juniors to experienced professionals. Meet the people behind our success.

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